22 May 2007

In Case Anyone At Omniture is Reading

One thing which I would really like to see in SiteCatalyst which would help me save time in generating reports, is the ability to use a 'Manual Update' feature like that which is available in Discover 1.5. Think about it.

The site is so full of people generating reports with exhaustive data day and night that, when I want to get directly to a report which I have not yet bookmarked or set into my dashboards, I have to actually go to that report, then adjust the date accordingly then search and drill down as necessary. Essentially, what that does is creates a series of reports each based on the first one. What I would like is to make a request with all my criterium, then hit update and produce a single report with exactly what I want.

So, by producing that one single button capability, you can reduce requests on the site for ad hoc reports by at least one third. My guess is, that would make the data process much faster and keep more clients working on analysis and reaping the benefits instead of fighting your software and being frustrated. Granted, this is not an easy thing to win support for but, my guess is it would be the single most useful function to the advanced analyst who has become familiar with the tools.

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