19 May 2007

Omniture Forms Analysis - Long Road Worth the Journey

As of yesterday evening CableOrganizer.com is number 441 of the Internet Retailer Top 500 sites. Its pretty exciting for all of us considering we sell such obscurely niched items. Its taken the gang a lot of work and constant improvement to produce that result and its something we are all very proud of.

Now, that's out of my system, I'd like to rant a bit if I may about the most exciting recent development in my analytics toolbox. After months of trying to get a handle on the really advanced analysis tools, Sebastien Hoffman, one of our outstanding IT folks, implemented a Forms Analysis tool for reporting to our SiteCatalyst on form errors, success and abandonment. Actually, its in the opposite order: abandon, error, success in terms of its operation flow.

What does that mean? you ask....

It means that we can measure the success of our interface with the customer and gauge their experience. We can see where people are consistently having problems in our forms and make changes to reflect the necessity for ease of use. This is done simply first by looking at the ratio of success of an area to the number of errors. If for every 10 successes of a portion of the form you have 1 error. That probably isn't significant or having a sincere impact on your conversion. If, on the other hand, your ratio is 4:1 or better, you may want to run some usability test scripting through that area for the purpose of scrientifically replicating the problem Once you have realized what it may be, either technical or human experience related, you should probably plan on running some A/B or multivariate testing to find out if some other elements could help influence a better ratio of success. (Note: I do not recommend making this your first multivariate test especially if the form is your billing info form or something of that great importance to your everyday operations!!!!)

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