31 May 2007

Taguchi Multi-Variate Test in Google Website Optimizer

This morning at 4:11am I completed the final work for, tested for browser compatibility and launched a Taguchi Factorially based Multi-Variate Test using Google's Website Optimizer.

As I begin to see results and have valid data which can be analyzed, I will share the findings with the realm of practicing analysts. Just a note, while the test itself should take less than 10% of the time for a full factorial analysis, this was very difficult to set up.

In order to perform a Taguchi test, you have to actually parse entire areas of the pages you are testing as single elements and maintain the integrity of their HTML when passing all the variables into GWO. A thorough tutorial and explanation will be provided here and through some work being compiled by Andrew King.

I'm exhausted, but methodology merits the efforts.

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Namal De Silva said...


my name is Namal De Silva and I'm eagerly awaiting your results and also if you could lay out the exact steps you took to implement the Taguchi test with Website optimizer.

Google's guide for it only hints at being able to do it, I'd like to know how to do it from someone who's done it thanks!